Maryann Tobin

No one will ever accuse Mitt Romney of being a friend to the environment or human lungs.

Included in Romney’s proposed energy plan, if elected, is the repeal of Environmental Protection Agency powers, and giving polluters the right to fill the air with an unlimited amount of carbon dioxide.

As part of Republican Mitt Romney’s 59 point plan for America’s future, as president he would, “Amend Clean Air Act to exclude carbon dioxide,” according to Romney’s official website.

"A Stanford scientist has spelled out for the first time the direct links between increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and increases in human mortality, using a state-of-the-art computer model of the atmosphere that incorporates scores of physical and chemical environmental processes. The new findings, to be published in Geophysical Research Letters, come to light just after the Environmental Protection Agency's recent ruling against states setting specific emission standards for this greenhouse gas based in part on the lack of data showing the link between carbon dioxide emissions and their health effects," according to Stanford University.

But the risks are not limited to human health.

Romney's plan for the unlimited release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is also a profound factor in climate change.

"Climate change will inflict devastating damage to land, property, ecosystems and human life. Yet loss and damage from climate impacts gets far less attention than it deserves from climate negotiators and politicians," according to New Energy News.

Romney plan environmental destruction

In addition to polluting the air with deadly carbon dioxide, Mitt Romney will “open America’s energy reserves for development.”

America’s last protected and environmentally sensitive preserves will be harvested by oil and gas drilling companies. Even more damage takes place as a result of Romney’s repeal of protection for potential damage to human health and wildlife because safety rules and regulations will be greatly reduced by a Romney Administration.

Supporters of air pollution and environmental destruction in the name of jobs and cheap gas prices are selling the public false claims.

While some jobs in the oil and gas industry could be created in local areas surrounding drilling and exploration sites, it would not necessarilly lower unemployment rates in distant areas, or nationwide.

As for the price of gas at the pump, Americans have been mislead into believing that oil drilled in America stays in America. It does not.

Oil is sold on the open market to the highest bidder and its price is influenced by investors and speculators, not how much of it came from US soil.

Those who stand to profit from the sale of oil and gas in US wildlife preserves would have a more difficult time gaining public support for their interests, if they revealed the truth about what really drives prices at the pump.

Those who don't believe in the existance of climate change and see no value in environmental protection, should support Mitt Romney's energy and deregulation plans.

Mr. Romney is selling this plan to American voters as way to create jobs, whether they will or not.

So for arguments sake, lets say filling the air with unlimited amounts of carbon dioxide, and tearing up the last bastion of American wilderness create jobs in some local economies, what good is that paycheck if you or your family members die young or become too sick from pollution to enjoy it?

Nothing comes without a cost.


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