Veronica Roberts

Geneva, Switzerland -News of The God Particle is again making headlines, for scientists now claim to have found evidence that there is an omipresence out there. Read more here

Whether you're a believer or not, this is fascinating stuff. The God debate has raged on since time immemorial. Is there a Supreme Being responsible for the existence of the universe? Where does this place the "created" vs. the "evolved" debate? Is this super power the "master" of us all?

Atheists call the idea of God one of the biggest hoaxes religion has perpetrated on mankind. Believers say that belief is one of the saddest out there. Those in-between who hover in the "we just don't know" realm, withholding judgment either way. Scientists who deals in theoretic tangibles, are the ones now saying the universe goes beyond the Big Bang.

These group of men and women are physicists at the European Organisation For Nuclear Research (CERN), who have worked on an innovative machine called the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), since 2008, as part of an ambitious search for the beginning of everything.

Buried 574 feet deep beneath the Franco-Swiss border of Geneva, in a 17-mile-long tunnel, the LHC was designed to uncover some of the most "fundamental questions of physics." This ground-breaking discovery may revolutionize the world of science and beyond.

The LHC's purpose was to accelerate "high-energy particles," while testing the hypothesized "Higgs boson" or "God Particle." The brain behind the theory, Peter Higgs, believed that an invisible field across the universe gave mass to atoms, the building block for the universe and everything in it. This theory was not received well in the science community when it was first proposed in 1964.

In fact, Higgs and colleagues who subscribed to this theory were the laughing-stock when he first wrote about the "God Particle." But he did not give up and teared up on Wednesday as he spoke of the new find.

Creationists believe the biblical story of God creating the universe in six days. Evolution teaches us our existence is infinitely more complex than that. So where does this "God Particle" find leave us?

Billions across the globe passionately believe in an Omnipresence. Christians call this presence God; Muslims say Allah; Buddhists Budha; Rastarfarians say Jah. Jehovah Witnesses say Jehovah and there are many more religions and beliefs. But they are all united by a common thread: This presence is all powerful, all seeing all knowing.

This belief is universally potent and many use this faith as a defense to life's stresses. This faith can be an incredibly powerful coping mechanism which brings up this question. Does it matter if there is a God or not? A promised afterlife of heaven or punishment of hell?

For the faith in this belief is the powerful beneficial tool effective in the here and now. Mind over matter and maybe, just maybe, this is the crux of the mystery after all. Maybe our brains are the "closet thing to "God" and how we view, interpret, handle and deal with what happens to us and others throughout our lives is the answer to the quality of existence we lead, afterlife or no afterlife.

What do you believe?