Veronica Roberts

Sanford, Fla. --At a second bail hearing held on Thursday, accused killer George Zimmerman's bond was set at a reported $1 million. Seen on CNN televison looking very different in a tailored dark suit and tie, sporting a much fuller head of hair, face and a darker tanned complexion, the smiling defendant faced judge Kenneth Lester, flanked by one of his lawyers Don West. At one point, he appeared to be joking with his counsel about his new hairdo, for he was seen smiling jovially as he smoothed out his new locks.

According to local ABC 7 News, lead defense lawyer Mark O'Mara claims his client has $211,000 available, more than enough for the $100,000 'down-payment' needed to get out of jail. Where this money will come from exactly, was not given. O'Mara has an online site, GZLegalcase, where supporters can donate, read or ask questions about the case.

Reports say that this website collects about $1,000 a day. The first site and PayPal accounts in question were allegedly closed and the remaining money now controlled by his legal team not Zimmerman. Conflicting totals have been given about just how much money was collected through that first solicitation and how much remains. The original figure given was $204,000 and the last was $135,000.

New bail stipulations include having to report to the court every 48 hours as opposed to the three-day period he had for his first release. He is not allowed to leave the County where before he was permitted to-- for now he is considered a flight risk. The judge slammed him about having a second valid passport hidden and enough money available to flee the country. He is not allowed to open any new bank accounts and has a 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. curfew. The other rules still apply: wearing an electronic monitor; staying away from Trayvon Martin's family and not being allowed to seek employment or own firearms.

Zimmerman's first April 20 bail, which was $150,000, was revoked by in June after the court found that he and wife Shellie had lied about large sums of money stashed away in PayPal accounts.

Wife Shellie was also arrested and charged with one count of perjruy for lying about more than $200,000 they had collected through an online site set up by Zimmerman to solicit donations for living expenses.

Released jailhouse phone calls showed the defendant and wife speaking in code about several huge tranfers of money from their online accounts to their personal bank. They used some of the money to pay off credit card bills. (Read more on that here:

Zimmerman was last seen re-enacting what he said happened the night he shot and killed the teenaged Martin, but one of the lead investigators reportedly said his story is inconsistent with the evidence. See video and read more here:

28-year-old George Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder for killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin while on a neighborhood watch. The teenager was killed as he was walking home from a nearby 7-Eleven on Feb. 26 in Sanford, Fla., and Zimmerman has since maintained his innocence, pleading self-defense under that state's Stand Your Ground Law.

However, Special Prosecutor Angela Corey has said that Zimmerman's profiling of Martin led to the tragedy that fateful night. Although the FBI has conducted an investigation into the killing, the defendant wasn't charged with a hate crime, which carries a much stiffer sentence.

Which brings up this interesting question. Is Zimmerman's new "brown" tanned look a strategy? If the prosecution is leaning heavily on the watchman profiling the teen because he was Black, a decidedly darker Zimmerman would make that claim look less plausible, wouldn't it? Zimmerman is of mixed heritage, having a white father and a Hispanic mother. Did his lawyer tell his client to "darken up?" Just a thought.