Caitlin Tadlock

The Amazing Spider-Man opened at midnight Tuesday grossing $7.5 million dollars overnight and to semi-good reviews. Many critics are saying good things of Andrew Garfield's performance as Peter Parker and applauding the CGI work. They are criticizing the fact that The Amazing Spider-Man was a lot like Spider-Man starring Tobey McGuire ten years ago.

In The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker gets bit by a genetically modified spider, becomes Spider-Man and fights his father's old co-worker, Dr. Curt Connors, played by Rhys Ifans, who turns himself into an 8-foot lizard that roams the streets of New York.

One of the funniest and oddest criticisms about the film is Peter Parker's, the teenage science geek, use of the search engine,Bing. The movie gives about 10 seconds of product placement for the useless search engine in the new movie, complete with extreme 3D close-ups of the logo.

The product placement was blasted on the internet after the midnight release. A Reddit user posted a funny Facebook status from his friend about the scene.

Tumblr users sounded off on the scene, Bethsaysrawr commented on the Bing scene, "The only criticism of Spiderman is that Peter Parker uses Bing instead of Good. WHO USES BING? NOBODY. Especially not geniuses. That's like Tony Stark using Windows Vista..."

Bing has been trying to get off the ground for quite some time with fancy advertisements, product placement in TV shows like The Vampire Diaries and by being plugged countless times on Ryan Seacrest's daily radio show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest. All of the advertising hasn't helped the search engine compete with Google because nobody still doesn't use it.

Although Bing hasn't taken off like Microsoft thought it would, Mashable reported in May that the search engine did account for 30 percent of U.S. web searches, according to an Experian Hitwise study conducted this year.

Bloggers and Twitter users are pissed about the silly product placement in this summer's blockbuster. On Twitter, @karaEmohr said, "Having Peter Parker use Bing in the Spiderman movie pissed me off. Who uses Bing? Definitely not geniuses searching for their missing dad." @Joe_Hunter discusses the possibility of the movie taking place in an alternate universe, "Amazing Spider-Man takes place on Earth 161, an inverted planet where chocolate milk ends lives and people actually think Bing is useful."

Hopefully, the Bing product placement will be the biggest criticism about The Amazing Spider-Man. Marc Webb took a big chance by taking a ten year old movie franchise and re-booting it.

The Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen and Sally Field.