Caitlin Tadlock

It was announced earlier this week what the punishment would be for the four junior high bullies who harassed school bus monitor Karen Klein with behavior that was shown in a 10-minute YouTube video that went viral earlier in June.

According to a statement from Greece Central School District, the four seventh-grade boys were sentenced to one-year suspension from Greece Central School, a one-year suspension from bus use, ordered to perform 50 hours of community service with the elderly and will be required to participate in a bully prevention program.

Instead of attending eighth grade at Greece Central School this coming school year, the boys will be sent to the area's Reengagement Center, which is a special alternative education program. Children under 16 years of age are required to get some sort of education even if they are suspended from their current school.

The brutal 10-minute viral video showed Klein crying as a group of boys taunted and harassed her with terrible comments like, "You're so f*ckin' poor you fat ass." And, "You don't have a family because they all killed themselves because they don't want to be near you." Klein's son committed suicide 10 years ago. A third party recorded the harassment on a phone and published on YouTube.

Two of the boys, Josh and Wesley, wrote apology letters to Klein after the video went viral and one of the father's apologized for his son's behavior. Klein commented that she would have liked to see some sort of punishment for the children, recommending bus suspension.

Not only did the boys get bus suspension but school suspension and community service. Do you think the punishment is fair, not enough or too much?

People have commented that they think the punishment is fair, saying that the children's best part of the deal is having to spend community service with the elderly. Some want the boys expelled from the middle school they attend. A few people think that the boys will not learn their lesson from their suspension and community service. ThisHollywood on Oh No They Didn't said, "I don't think the focus should be on punishment, that is why our jail system sucks. What do you learn from being punished? Chances are, it just makes people abe angry and possibly worse because of it."

A fundraiser for Karen Klein to take her dream vacation has made over $667,000 as of Saturday morning and it will continue to raise in the next 20 days.

If you could punish the middle school children who bullied Klein, what would be your sentence for them?