Caitlin Tadlock

Lana Del Rey released the video for "National Anthem" on Wednesday and the video already has over one million views on YouTube. The video, which features Del Rey characteristically like Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O, tells the story of a multiracial first couple. Rapper and video director A$AP Rocky plays the president (JFK) and Del Rey as the first lady.

In the video it shows the couple living fabulously in the Hamptons with their multiracial children. The video is controversial with JFK being played by a black man, but it raises many questions about multiracialism. Is Del Rey making a statement that this will be a type of future for America or is it happening right now?

In the end of the video, A$AP Rocky's JFK character is assassinated in the same way JFK was in 1963. The video doesn't state why he was killed, leaving the viewer to decide. Del Rey does say in the video about her fallen husband, "He was like a hybrid, this mix who couldn't contain himself." maybe hinting was that American society put him on a separate scale and totally different level than other presidents and political figures because of his race and his lifestyle choices.

Del Rey has been criticized in the past for her live performance on Saturday Night Live, her past life as musician Lizzy Grant and her video for "Born To Die" where Del Rey is covered in blood and only donning a red bra.

Lana Del Rey's "National Anthem" music video is attached under the "Videos" tab.