Caitlin Tadlock

New gossip reports are claiming Breaking Dawn actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are planning on having children as soon as possible after filming the last two Twilight Saga movies where they play new parents to their vampire hybrid toddler.

HollywoodLife and OK Magazine are reporting Stewart and Pattinson have a wedding planned this coming fall and are wanting to start a family soon after or even before.

Stewart, 22, in the past has poked fun of the pregnancy rumors that have come up since her rise to fame in 2008 with the first Twilight movie. The actress and her co-star appeared on Oprah in 2010 where Pattinson announced he was actually pregnant.

While filming The Runaways in 2009, Stewart was photographed and photoshopped to look like she was gaining weight while wearing a skin tight leather ensemble.

There is no truth to the revolving claims that Stewart and Pattinson are expecting, wanting to have children or even planning a wedding. I'm pretty sure Stewart is a pretty darn intelligent female who knows a thing or two about female contreceptive choices. Side note, girls study up on IUDs and Implanons.

Pattinson's best friend, Pirate Radio actor, Tom Sturridge, and his girlfriend, Sienna Miller are expecting their first child this coming summer or fall.