Veronica Roberts

Rielle Hunter is making the prerequisite rounds pimping--oops, sorry, promoting -- her tell-all book about her affair with the then-married former presidential candidate John Edwards more than four years ago.

The book, "What Really Happened," which debuts June 26, is being touted by the media as a bombshell memoir where Hunter tells all the sordid, juicy details of her affair with Edwards, from him being a serial cheater to his wife Elizabeth being the one who pushed him into ther arms of other women, including hers. Hunter said in one of her interviews that if a woman doesn't have sex with her husband but thinks he's not cheating, she is delusional. Not in those exact words but you get the implication here.

Seen Tuesday on ABC's "The View," "Good Morning America" and "20/20" with Chris Cuomo and every other conceivable television show or host available--Hunter spoke candidly about her ex-married lover, their four-year old love child and the woman whom she cuckold, the late Elizabeth Edwards.

She tried to hold her own with the ladies of "The View," not an easy crowd to survive, especially if you are the other woman in the cheating saga. But I must say, she sidestepped the guillotine and was unapologetic for her scandalous foray into the uppermost corridors of "absolute power." Well almost, for Edwards was a presidential candidate at the time the affair began. What if he had won the nomination, then the presidency? Would she have been the "other, other First Lady?" She said he had other affairs, so it's not clear where she would have fit in terms of rank.

What I do know is she would have adapted nicely to the concentrated corruption that is Washington. Hunter revealed that the affair is now over but admited she still loved Edwards. From the first moment she saw him, she thought he "was hot," so I guess that kind of intensity doesn't just fizzle out.

Edwards, meanwhile, survived his guillotine when he escaped jail-time conviction in his recent court case. He was charged with illegally using campaign funds to hide his affair with Hunter.

Hunter didn't remain in the echelon of high politics but she has now ascended into something that just may be more lucrative: "celebrity-dom." On "View," she told the co-host how devastated she was when Edwards denied he was the baby daddy but Joy Behar, the acerbic one, pointed out to her that she chose to have unprotected sex with a married man. Leave it to Joy to dash a bucket of cold reality on the guest.

Whoopi Goldberg ripped into her for the "crappy things" she wrote in the book about the late Mrs. Edwards, telling her she cannot be surprised if people were turned off by her. That didn't seem to phase Hunter and she defended trashing her lover's wife by accusing her of not being the angel to John's devil everyone made them out to be. I guess she did learn a thing or two about that marriage, after-all she was his bedfellow and may have been privy to many a soul-bearing pillow talks--in between the filming of their sex tapes.

So have you read the book? If so, is it worth the $24.95 for the hardcover, or not even worth the paper it's printed on?

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