Veronica Roberts

The GOP's ripping of President Obama began the day of his inauguration. The behind-the-scenes high-wire acts were plotted and executed before the ink dried on his first Oval Office missive. Partisan power, not non-partisan governing, rules the day in Washington. Now that we are in an election year, they are pulling out all the stops, with the good fortune of having the Democrats hand them a few live grenades to complete the job along the way.

The latest "Fast and Furious" debacle has our Attorney General Eric Holder being raked through the hot fiery coals with talk of impeachment thrown around. The Affordable Care Act is at the mercy of the limitless power of that runaway train which is now the Supreme Court, and Mitt Romney is hammering away at the lack of immigration policy as if the Republicans weren't ones who derailed immigration reform to begin with.

You see, the good ole GOP is better at propaganda warfare. The poor Democrats are left in the dust every time. Even when they have accomplished effective legislation, they fumble to get the message across. Listening to Republicans' partisan pandering, you would think the president hasn't done a thing since moving to his current address at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Now if Obama was Republican and they were fighting to get him re-elected, here is how they would be selling him to the American people. I could envision the television ads: All his accomplishment scrolled in the background as sweet, balmy music played and rhetoric about the America apocalypse he deftly averted through his skillful, brilliant maneuvering as a decisive leader, looped on Fox. It might go something like this:

Our president inherited an America that was close to a wasteland-- left by the outgoing Democratic admistration who squandered a budget surplus faster than a gambling addict on a Las Vegas weekend spree. Failed banks, an economy on the brink of a financial cliff. Unfair laws for our heroes serving in our military. Our First Responders left without any medical help after selflessly serving during our worse terrorist attack on Sept.11, 2001. Our citizens buried in debt under credit card companies unfair practices. Students unable to carry the burden of burgeoning tuitions and loans. The housing sector under water.

But like the brilliant point of a bright light, his quick thinking and effective policies pulled us from the brink, and though we have miles to go before we rest, he has done what that Democrat Mitt Romney could never do. He repealed "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and lifted the shame from our gay and lesbian heroes dutifully serving their country.

He enacted legislation 60 years in the making: healthcare reform. With the Affordable Healthcare Act, he accomplished what many before could not and did not tackle and conquer. Though not perfect, it goes a long way in the right direction of helping Americans get insurance coverage. The long-term benefits of this are huge, for a healthy nation is the single best asset of any country.

Though unemployment numbers are not at the levels we want them to be, the president has done a tremendous job of averting another Great Depression and our economy is slowly but surely recovering. Reforms covering credit cards, student loans and the financial sector were all enacted on his watch.

Our 9/11 First Responders can say that they now have a country that stands behind its heroes with the passing of the Health and Compensation Act.

The financial sector and the auto industry were both pulled back from complete collapse. Now, Americans can be proud of a president who not only saved the auto industry but also kept over 400,000 jobs a year from being outsourced. The auto industry is looking promising again.

His recent immigration policy, though not the panacea to all our problems, broke the gridlock on immigration reform in Washington. His decisive plans for young, undocumented immigrants who are here through no fault of their own, is one of hope for the future. Together we can work on coming up with some more sound, commonsense, humane solutions.

Another monumental accomplishment of the Obama administration is the capture and elimination of Osama bin Laden. The man responsible for that singular, terrifying act of unspeakable violence which resulted in thousands of deaths, billions of dollars in destruction and mounting emotional toll, is no more. The president promised he would get the job done and he did just that: He delivered swiftly and efficiently.

However, President Obama's war on terror didn't begin and end with bin Laden. He has agressively hunted down al Qaeda top operatives and delivered swift justice. Americans are now safer, for several evil zeolots whose only goal in life was to destroy the way of life we cherish, while hurting our innocent citizens here and abroad, have been captured or killed.

He also promised he would bring our troops home from Iraq and he did. Libyans needed help, and Gadhafi's slaughter of innocent civilians is now over. That brutal dictator and his oppressive regime is no more, thanks to his leadership. Plus the people of Egypt recently went to the polls to exercise their democratic rights.

He ran on change and he continues to deliver the change you and I can believe in both domestically and through his foreign policies."

You get the picture. In politics, it's all about perceptions, propaganda and selling your assets packaged with just the right amount of cunning. The Republicans are adept at that, which is why they are now selling themselves as the "saviors" when they are the ones behind the current fiasco in this country. The Democrats continue to act befuddled, and their complacency and lack of "salemanship" may cost them this election if they don't get their PR pitch in tip top shape, pronto.


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