Veronica Roberts

Lansing, Michigan--I think the GOP is hellbent on ostracizing women everywhere, in politics and beyond the House and Senate floors, for their legislation and treatment seem to be escalating in hostility.

I can't say that I am overly surprised by this latest gander into the absurd. They usually hover around the ridiculous but the censorship of Rep. Lisa Brown on the Michigan's House floor for saying the word vagina would be hilarious if it didn't have such serious ramifications.

Brown and another Democrat, Rep. Barb Byrum, tried to introduce legislation that would attach the same kind of restrictions on vasectomy as the Republicans were attaching to abortion services. Low and behold, the "Good Ole Boys Party" put "the little ladies" in their place by telling Byrum to sit down while proceeding to constantly interupt Brown.

Then Brown, apparently exasperated with the continuous "gavelling down" on the side of the GOP, said: "I'm flattered that you're all so interested in my vagina, but no means no." With those blasephemous, scandalous words, the heated debate came to a head and both Brown and Byrum were silenced, then banned from speaking on the House floor during future sessions. The women do not know how long the ban will last or even given a specific reason why they were "mussled." (click on video above to see the "vaginalogues" showdown).

Republican Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas said he was uncomfortable with Byrum's use of the word vasectomy and Brown's vagina comment. Both women offended the GOP's delicate sensibilities and reportedly violated "the decorum of the House of Representatives."

So they can legislate women's vaginas, they just can't hear the word uttered aloud. I find this episode in Michigan's capital the epitome of high hypocrisy, but unfortunately this has been a running theme of the Republican party lately.

Measure after measure is being pushed through House and Senates in States across the country, consistently trying to undermine abortion rights in a backdoor sort of way, yet vasectomy is readily available for men whenever they feel the need to "snip" their virility away. Then an abundant supply of Viagra is just a prescription away, while birth control for women is vilified, with proposed restrictions pushed on a legislative and religious level.

Women's reproductive rigths should be undermined, controlled, legislated in the name of ideology, but men 's reproductive lives should not? Moreover, when two elected officials stand up for their constituents as they are suppose to, they are censored?

Is this America or some backwater patriachal dictatorship controlled by ideologues?

What do you think: Are these rash of laws by the GOP an attempt to undermine Roe vs. Wade? Moreover, is legislating abortion services and birth control for women discriminatory and sexist while men's vasectomies and Viagra, which are never in short supply, are left untouched?

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