Maryann Tobin

Former Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA), is in trouble with Hispanic voters in his bid for Barack Obama’s White House.

Romney’s verbal gymnastics when questioned by reporters about his position on immigration has him confirming criticism that he is an empty vessel with no belief in anything but his own money.

“I don’t want to play football with a political matter,” Romney said on MSNBC on Monday.

Immigration is indeed a ‘political matter’ and a crucial issue in the 2012 elections.

Romney’s remarks came after Obama shored up support among Hispanic voters with last week’s Executive Order that allows children of illegal immigrants to remain in the US for 2 years without fear of deportation.

Republicans generally to not do well with Hispanic voters, due to their anti-immigration policy.

Mitt Romney has repeated on the campaign trail that he would veto the Dream Act, if it came to his desk as president.

While Democrats do not yet appear to smell blood in the water with Romney, members of his own party may be picking up the scent. In a surprise announcement on Tuesday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, took himself off the short list for the Romney Vice Presidency slot, distancing himself from Romney.

If Rubio’s move was not sheer coincidence, it is not a good sign. When members of the Republican Party start running away from their own presidential candidate, it can spread like political wildfire.