Maryann Tobin

The second episode of 'True Blood' season 5 airs on Sunday night and it promises to remind everyone why Tara Thorton is going to make a very nasty vampire.

At the end of the ‘True Blood’ season 5 premiere, Tara emerged from the ground in Sookie’s back yard as a vampire. And her first thought was to make a meal out of Sookie.

Episode 2 takes ‘True Blood’ fans a step further with Tara’s new-found vampire power.

“Tara is not adjusting to the turn like Sookie and Lafayette hoped. She’s not showing any signs of being the old Tara they once loved,” according to Gossip and Gab.

“In fact," Gossip and Gab added, "She’s not demonstrating any signs of humanity. This is pretty understandable considering she’s no longer human and, oh that little fact Lafayette and Sookie chose to ignore…just the tiny fact that she’s missing parts of her brain.”

‘True Blood’ airs on HBO on Sunday nights.


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