Maryann Tobin

Mitt Romney as been pounding the campaign trail singing the praises of smaller government. It’s a great sound bite, but does anyone really know exactly what that means?

Some details have emerged from Romney’s lips. Last week he said that smaller government means fewer teachers, firefighters, and police officers. According to Romney, this will “help the American people.”

Romney also wants to help the American people by implementing austerity measures, similar to those that have been implemented in Europe.

“Romney has endorsed steep cuts in programs aimed at helping poor people. They want to reduce the budget for Medicaid which gives health care to poor people. But they also want to reduce spending on nutrition assistance to poor people and housing assistance to poor people,” according to Slate.

The Slate report adds, “Indeed, every single program that helps poor people in the United States would face severe budget cuts under the Romney-Ryan budget.”

Economists have warned that the deep and sudden spending cuts proposed in the Romney-Ryan budget are likely to yield the same results as they have in Europe, which is soaring unemployment and larger deficits.


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