Veronica Roberts

6.14.12 NYC, New York--Rappers Drake and Chris Brown tore up New York City nightclub Wednesday, with Brown and others suffering injuries.

According to ABC 7 News in New York, the rappers got into a fight after Chris Brown and "his peeps" sent over a bottle of alcohol to Drake and his entourage.

Eyewitnesses said the brawl erupted with everyone throwing punches and bottles. Pictures of the WIP club in Soho, Manhattan, looked like a tornado had swept through, with broken bottles, upturned chairs and tables everywhere.

Brown's bodyguard was injured badly enough to be hospitalized overnight but was reportedly released earlier today. An innocent bystander was also injured along with a few others in the club.

Drake has since issued a statement saying he did not instigate or take part in any fight. Brown took to Twitter to show a nasty wound he suffered on his chin and accused Drake and his entourage of "throwing bottles like girls." (See pic above).

No one seems to know who threw the first punch and there are several conflicting versions of what happened Wednesday night at the W.I.P. club. Rumors has another Rapper Meek Mill as throwing the first punch at Chris Brown, but tweets from both men have killed this allegation. Breezy tweeted that he had "much respect" for Mill and dispelled any beef they might have had.

According to, a statement released Thursday afternoon by Brown's "people" stated: "Chris, Karrueche (Tran), and his friends were victims of a brutal attack last night at WIP. They sustained several injuries. Chris and his party are cooperating with N.Y. authorities who are pursuing this incident further."

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Both men have dated singer Rihanna and many say the animosity stems from that love triangle. Brown and Rihanna had made headlines in 2009, when he was charged with battery for beating her, then his girlfriend. The young beautiful couple was seen by many as blissfully in love so when pictures of Riri's bashed-up, swollen face surfaced, fans and the rest of the public were understandably shocked.

Seems like the restraining order filed against Chris Brown has been lifted, for the two collaborated on Riri's Birthday album recently. Rumor of them getting back together also circulated but could have been hype for the album.

Drake is also rumored to have briefly dated the sultry singer after Brown. Rihanna and Chris Brown's image have gone through a dramatic transformation since the domestic violence charge. Riri now oozes sex appeal to the point of "trashy sexy" as some would call it, and Breezy has thugged it out down to changing his style of music. He went from singing ballads and acting in a wholesome family Christmas movie to hard-core rap, a stint with platinum blond hair, body adorned with numerous tattoos and I think I saw him wearing the prerequisite mouth jewelry called grills. This fight might just make his "street cred" transformation complete.

Whether these changes are just a natural progression in age and maturity or trying hard to live up to his "new aggressive persona," one thing is certain--we are all talking and that is golden for celebs.

As for Rihanna, her metamorphosis from pretty princess to edgy, risque sex-pot may also be her trying too hard to prove she is not a victim, or the else wild child inside just came out and this is the real Riri.