Maryann Tobin

Dell released their new Ivy Bridge XPS Ultrabook in June, and if it is meant to compete with the MacBook Air, Apple has nothing to worry about.

The Ivy Bridge upgrade in the 2012 Dell XPS may improve processing power and add native USB 3.0 support, but that appears to be where the improvements end.

Physically, the Dell XPS looks unchanged from the Sandy Bridge version. What this laptop lacks is outside, not inside.

The biggest problem is the poor quality display. It may have helped Dell keep the price of the XPS down, but in a year when Apple is introducing crisper images on their Ivy Bridge MacBook Air, the Dell XPS clearly lags.

The 1280 X 800 resolution on the MacBook Air should technically be inferior to the 1600 x 900 pixel display on the Dell XPS. But even with both laptops running Intel 4000 graphics, the Dell XPS falls far short in appearance.

There is another surprising twist in the Dell XPS vs. MacBook Air Ivy Bridge additions. The MacBook Air base 13 inch model sells for $1,199, while the Dell XPS will cost laptop shoppers a hundred dollars more.

If Dell was hoping the XPS Ivy Bridge was going to be a real competitor in the laptop market, they missed the mark by miles.


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