Veronica Roberts

6.14.12 Bellefonte, Penn.

Update in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse trial: Riveting testimony continues.

It is Day Four in the Jerry Sandusky trial, and each day testimony becomes more disturbing and shocking as the former Penn State assistant football coach is prosecuted for 52 counts of child sexual abuse.

As witness after witness takes the stand, more sordid details of the 68-year-old Sandusky's alleged abuse pours out. On Monday, the first witness, now 28, gave shocking testimony of how he had been groomed for sex since he was 13.

According to The Daily Beast, the second witness's time on the stand was even more riveting, for the small stature teenager was clearly emotionally troubled. The distraught 18-year-old young man gave graphic testimony of how, like the first witness, Sandusky groomed him for sex fromthe time he attended a 2004 summer camp at Second Mile.

He told of how he spent time over at the coach's home and slept in the basement, where the sexual abuse started. When asked where Sandusky's wife was during the alleged sexual encounters, the witness said she never came downstairs. Openly sobbing in court, the teen, who now reportedly suffers from anxiety attacks, told how he finally opened up to a guidance counselor at school. His mom had taken him in for help because she sensed something was wrong.

He started acting out and getting into fights because he couldn't cope with what Sandusky was doing to him. After leaving the charity Second Mile to escape the abuse, he said Sandusky followed him around, still forcing himself on him. After talking to the school, they called the police.

Assistant coach Mike McQueary, the state's key witness, also took the stand and told the court how he saw a shocking episode of Sandusky raping a 10-year-old boy in one of the showers at Penn State in 2001 when he was still an undergraduate. (McQueary originally told investigators 2002 but has since revised the date). Defense lawyer Joe Amendola tried to shake his testimony but McQueary remained unwaivering in his accounts of what he saw, saying, "I was 5 feet away. There was no doubt what I saw."

Though he didn't go to the police because he said he was shocked and still trying to process what he witnessed, he admitted to telling coach Joe Paterno.

More disturbing testimony is expected on Thursday, and the prosecution is projected to wrap up their side of the case as early as Friday, reported CNN television.

Who knew? The why, when, where and how

This trial brings up a deeply troubling questions: Why was Sandusky left free to allegedly rape and molest boys for more than 15 years? Who exactly knew of the allegations and for how long did they know-- and most importantly, why didn't anyone do something about it?

McQueary testified to telling the late coach Paterno. Paterno was fired from Penn State last November soon after the scandal exploded on the national stage, but was never formally charged with a crime. Under this cloud of shame and scandal, the legendary coach died a few months later from cancer.

Why didn't he go to the police? Why didn't McQueary? Both men had knowledge but refrained from calling law enforcement. Paterno said he reported what McQueary told him to university personnel. These officials have also been charged with obstruction for not reporting the alleged sexual abuse.

How can an open secret be left to fester as children continued to be hurt? Accusations and whispers about Sandusky's "special love" for boys were reportedly circulating in the town of Centre since 1998. More than a decade, and no one did anything until someone tried to, and it didn't end well for him.

To deepen the dark mystery in the The Sandusky Case’s Bizarre Twists, district attorney Ray Gricar, who had also started probing into the accusations and even managed to take Sandusky before a Grand Jury for allegedly touching a boy sexually while they were both naked--has disappeared without a trace since 2005. Gricar was officially declared dead July of 2011 as the mystery continues.

Though Sandusky was overheard telling the mother of the boy "he wished he was dead," and that was seen as the best thing to a confession, he was never charged. The boy at the center of that grand jury investigation, now an adult and known as "Victim No. 6," is now part of the 10 accusers in the ongoing trial

A Penn State janitor reportedly also saw Sandusky abusing another boy in 2000 and told his co-workers. Nothing was done about this either.

What about his charity Second Mile, ostensibly opened to help at-risk kids. Was this his cover to have access to an unlimited amount of vulnerable boys looking for a mentor or father figure? Did some know of these allegations and ignored or covered them up?

College football has become almost omnipotent in many states and some coaches fancy themselves as demigods. No one wants to challenge the status quo because it is also a "cash cow." There was a recent CNN report on the abysmal failure of colleges across America to graduate their students attending on sports scholarships, and some universities had a 100 percent failure rate. Education was taking a distant backseat to sports, especially football and basketball.

Was this climate of the "game above all else" which enabled an accused pedophile to exist and thrive for almost two decades, preying on vulnerable children?

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