Maryann Tobin

Now that we know Tara Thornton has returned as an out of control vampire, with Pam as her Maker, the combination suggests that this could be a short-lived relationship.

With Tara shown trying to eat Sookie and Lafayette in coming attractions, too many near-death attacks on leading cast members can only be done and redone so many times before it resolves as a plot line. Best guess is Tara (Rutina Wesley) will meet the ‘true death’ before the end of season 5.

That takes us to Bill Compton and Eric Northman, who are now in the custody of the Authority for killing Nan, the American Vampire League spokesperson for how vampires should ‘play nice’ with humans. This sets up the perfect ultimate battle between Russell Edgington and the vampire political establishment.

At 3000 years old, Edgington may be the strongest vampire on the planet. He is also the leader of an ideology that would make humans subjects of all vampires. This is in direct contrast to the plans of the Authority, to have vampires blend into human society as equals. And so the battle begins.

Since ‘True Blood’ is not bound by ordinary or expected outcomes, don’t rule out the possibility that both the Authority and Edgington both lose, and a completely new order emerges to rule vampires and humans.

Love is in the air in ‘True Blood’ season 5, but not for Sookie. With Bill and Eric in AVL custody, Sookie will be busy being tempted by Alcide, the sexy werewolf, while Jessica and Jason Stackhouse decide whether or not they are ready to take their relationship beyond sex-only.

Season 5 episode 2, “Authority Always Wins,’ airs on HBO on Sunday, June 17, 2012.

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