Maryann Tobin

The wait was over on Sunday night when the season 5 premiere of HBO’s ‘True Blood’ answered at least some of the questions fans were left with at the end of season 4. For one, the mystery of the fate of Tara Thornton was revealed. Tara is now a vampire.

Tara Thornton appeared to be dead after being shot by werewolf, Debbie Pelt, who was insanely jealous of the non-existent sexual relationship between Sookie and her werewolf ex-boyfriend, Alcide Herveaux.

Sookie admitted to Lafayette that she killed Debbie on purpose, not in self-defense, and so far, has hidden that fact from Alcide.

The surprise came when neither Bill Compton, nor Eric Northman came to Sookie’s rescue to ‘turn’ Tara. Instead, a bizarre deal between Sookie and Eric’s progeny, Pam, resulted in Tara being saved.

After spending the traditional night in the ground with her Maker, Pam, Tara rises vampire, and her first thought is to take a bite out of Sookie.

Coming attractions show Tara as an out of control vampire who wants to use most of her former human friends for meals. Not good.

Rutina Wesley, who plays Tara has signed on for several season 5 episodes, but from the looks of things, her life as a vampire will likely be short-lived – which is also not good for a creature that is supposed to be immortal.

While there is always the chance that Tara’s character could hang around for quite a while, it seems more likely that Tara Thornton will meet the 'true death' sometime before the end of season 5.


'True Blood' Season 5: Tara Thornton returns as a vampire?