Veronica Roberts

Nine-year-old Harli Jordean is not your typical boy. Sure, he still loves to play with friends, goes to school and has to listen to his mom, but there is a big difference which separates him from his peers. He is the CEO of a company he started three years ago.

Jordean, who lives in Stokes Newington, London, sits at the helm of Marble King, a self-titled company, with his mom and brothers working as his assistants. Mom told The Daily Mirror that she started calling her son Marble King because of his obsession with the shiny objects which began at the age of six.

Jordean started trading his marble collection with friends at school and found that they couldn't get enough of them. So he began searching the Internet for more unusual finds and realised that he couldn't quite get what he was looking for. The Marble King then asked his mom to help him set up a website so he could market his own and the rest as they say, is history. 

The tiny tycoon has some of his marbles manufactured in China. His site specializes in rare to ordinary finds as well as his own creations.

Marbles can sell for as low as five pounds to as high as 599 pounds.

The Marble King pulls in a thousands of dollars annually and with his business acumen and ingenuity, I have no doubt that this brilliant young entrepeneur will expand to bigger and better things. Look out Toys "R" Us competition may be snapping at your heels.

I too loved marbles as a child and confess that I still do. Only wish I was as brilliant as Harli to come up with the ingenuous idea of turning a toy you love into a mini-empire!