Maryann Tobin

There is no doubt that Citizens United has brought more money into the 2012 elections than any other election in history. There is also no doubt that most of it is coming from ultra conservative groups with Super PACs. There is a goal for these millions of dollars, and it does not paint a pretty picture for most Americans.

If you look at the pattern that has emerged since the Citizens United decision allowed unlimited corporate spending in U.S. campaigns, it is terrifying.

What the Supreme Court has done with Citizens United has allowed a handful of very wealthy people, both Americans and foreigners, to buy the representation of their choice in U.S. elections, so laws and regulations can be changed in their favor. The balance of the population is not even an afterthought.

Permanent damage to democracy and freedom

The current group of Republicans in power have made it clear that what they want on behalf of their donors is not negotiable. And the ultimate goal is to remove all opposition to those goals - namely, Democrats.

Democratic voters are also getting in the way, so there has been an orchestrated effort all over the country to suppress the vote through new voter ID laws, shortened early voting time, and purging voting rolls.

If only Republicans can vote, only Republicans can win.

The All Republican America

Now lets take that simple philosophy ahead to November 2012 and beyond, and lets say every Republican on every ballot in the county wins. With no opposition, there is no need for compromise. The will of the Super PACs will be done.

Over time, Democrats will not have the means to out-spend the corporate special interests that are funding Republicans and will not be able to win any elections. In other words, America will become a single party system – permanently.

Make no mistake, that is exactly what the Republicans want. No competition. No opposition. Forever.

If you are wealthy enough to live from birth to death with no need for Medicare or Social Security, can afford to send your children to private schools, and earn enough money from your high-wage job to live comfortably, then you may like the idea of an ultra-conservative, single-party political system in America, which is essentially run by corporate special interest groups.

But there is little chance that personal freedom or democracy can survive without government regulations to protect the public, or a line of moral ethics that super-corporations cannot cross.

What the future may look like in a permanent Republican-corporate government partnership is very different than what America looks like today.

The Paul Ryan budget plan, which has been endorsed by Mitt Romney, will do the following, in addition to other cuts to government programs:

  • End Social Security
  • End Medicare
  • End Medicaid
  • End environmental protection
  • End federal funding for public schools

But there is so much more the Republican-corporate government can do. As they have over the past two years, they can and will, change laws and take away the rights people have fought for through generations.

The Republican conservative agenda poses a real threat to civil rights, anti-discrimination laws, women’s rights, voting rights, union rights, and a litany of other personal freedoms that could vanish, virtually overnight.

While this may sound like an unlikely or extreme vision of the long term damage caused by the Citizens United decision, it may not be as far-fetched as it appears.

Once big money has been allowed to run wild, it is extremely difficult to put it back in a box. The U.S. Constitution can easily be dismantled by single-party governing. If laws or rights get in the way of the Republican-corporate America, they can simply be eliminated. Efforts are already underway to do just that, but the Democrats have been slowing it.

The problem with American voters is they do not think for themselves. They believe the political ads they see on TV, and take everything they say as fact. With the right kind of advertising, even Adolf Hitler could be made to appear to be a nice guy and a great leader.

Look at what the power of advertising has already done to the American psyche. Many have already been convinced that they should favor budget cuts that would undoubtedly cause hardship for themselves and their families. They have been sold this idea through repeated sound bites from politicians, who are telling them that government employee layoffs, also known as "smaller government," will create more jobs and better pay for others.

The concept is ludicrous when you think about it. Laying off government employees by "shrinking government" creates more unemployment, not less. No math necessary.

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” was a phrase coined by Baron Acton, referring to Napoleon Bonaparte and the Roman Emperors, who caused the fall of their societies after they were poisoned with power and greed.

This is what happens when people are lied to by their leaders and they surrender their own economic interests in the name of the greater good, when in fact, their sacrifices only serve to propogate corruption and greed.

It is not likely that the United States would survive for very long under Republican-corporate rule. When millions of people suffer, starve, and are repressed for long enough, there is revolution. History repeats itself.

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