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Bon Temps was riddled with dead or near dead humans at the end of 'True Blood' season 4. But the HBO hit series is not about to let an opportunity to create new vampires go to waste.

When last seen, Tara Thornton was laying on the floor in the Stackhouse kitchen. She had been shot in the head by Debbie Pelt, the insanely jealous ex-girlfriend of the super-sexy werewolf, Alcide Herveaux. Pelt was aiming to kill Sookie, the most popular target in Bon Temps, but Tara leapt in front of the bullet.

Cradled in Sookie’s arms and surrounded by a pool of blood, Tara looks dead. But this is True Blood. Dead people are living everywhere.

Since Rutina Wesley has signed on for another 'True Blood' season, Tara Thornton will somehow be revived. Since most of her brain has been blown away, it would either take an enormous amount of creative writing to bring her back to life, or she could be saved by becoming a vampire.

Since Tara seems to hate Vampire King Bill Compton even more than Vampire Sheriff Eric Northman, it would be truly ironic for Stephen Moyer’s character, Bill Compton, to become Tara’s Maker.

There is little doubt that Tara Thornton would make a nasty vampire. And what a surprise it would be for Tara’s lesbian girlfriend, Naomi, to return to rekindle their love, only to find that her partner is no longer human.

Sookie pulled the trigger on Brit Morgan’s character, Debbie Pelt. So the question in the air is, can an apparently dead werewolf be turned into a vampire?

Whoever rescues Tara Thornton might have reason to bring Debbie Pelt back to life with V-juice. Or better still, if both Eric and Bill show up to save Tara, the idle vampire could 'turn' Debbie, just to cause more problems for Sookie.

Irony has yet another opportunity to take an unlikely human and turn them into a blood-sucking vampire. And who better to bring that to Bon Temps than the anti-vampire, religious preacher of the Fellowship of the Sun, Steve Newlin. At the end of 'True Blood' season 4, Newlin showed his fangs to Jason Stackhouse, but his Maker remains a mystery.

The evil Russell Edgington, played by Dennis O’Hare, has been spotted in 'True Blood' season 5 teasers, and may be the wild card vampire who turns out to be a busy Maker for both unwilling and unwilling humans.

The 'True Blood' season 5 premier episode is titled, “Turn!, Turn!, Turn!,” so expect to see more of the unexpected when it come to new vampires.

True Blood season 5 premiers on HBO on June 10.

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