Veronica Roberts

As a writer with a comedic side, I wrestle with covering the 2012 presidential election. There is always a war in me as my "dual personalities" duel for dominant positioning. You see on the one hand, I appreciate the serious side of the political debate and what's at stake and on the other hand, I am tickled pink--well as much as a melanin-rich woman can--by the sheer brilliant satirical deliverance by some.

One of the gifts that keep on giving is billionaire businessman and aspiring politician Donald Trump. Like a bobble-head, he pops back up every time.Only yesterday, I strolled past one of his gaudy, golden monstrosities in New York City and I had to grudgingly admire the man.

Mind you, he was born with a slightly silver spoon in his mouth but to multiply his spoons exponentially, turning the silver into gold while emerging unscathed from several filed bankruptcies, is sheer genius. All that on what appears to be a limited IQ. According to George Will of ABC's "Meet The Press," anyway. Will gave 'The Donald a verbal smack down on Sunday.

After calling Trump an "ignoramus," Will continued to berate him, saying "Donald Trump is redundant--he thinks that if your net worth is high enough, your IQ can be very low.." Ouch! (Click on the attached video above to take a listen).

Then CNN's Wolf Blitzer got into a tussle with Trump on his show Tuesday, where he told the "Birther babbler" that he was "beginning to sound a little silly."

What is all this tizzy about and why is The Donald back in the news? He is now Mitt Romney's new BFF after snubbing his old BFF Newt Gingrich by endorsing the former venture capitalist in Las Vegas back in February. Why is that bad, you ask? You see now that Romney is the Republican presidential nominee, who he aligns himself with matters and Trump is once again on his dogged birther rants, despite President Obama having shown his long-form birth certificate. I guess that is not enough for a staunch birther like Trump, who may need to see the placenta buried under the Hawaiian hospital to become a believer.

The real estate mogul, who claimed to have the best detectives on the case sniffing out evidence of Obama's Kenyan birth in Hawaii, has yet to produce any of that expensively sort proof. He was heard a few says ago lambasting the media for not following up on this legitimate investigative reporting. Howeven when Blitzer called him on that and tried to take his advice by following the story, Trump tried to slap him down.

Wolf Blitzer simply asked him to produce any evidence that he had to substantiate his doubt of the president's birthplace and he snappily accused the CNN host of ignoring more important things like the economy, jobs and China to focus on his birther babble. But a day ago he was accusing the media of ignoring his birther babble.

Trump is acting rather befuddled, and his incessant noise is beginning to sound like a hive of angry bees or is it penis and Ivy league envy? I'don't mean to be crass but he did try to incite another conspiracy theory over President Obama's academic qualifications, saying during his presidential candidate "teaser" exploratory run, that "no one--and I have lots of friends from Harvard--no one rememebers him being there or heard of him." Then there is that 'Black-man-size myth' to contend with.

Meanwhile, his new best friend Romney, while separately denouncing birthers saying he believes Obama is a "real American," would not publicly condemn Trump's harping on that idiocy.

Though Trump has no serious political power, 'Rominee' (as comedian Jon Stewart now calls him) obviously feels he is obligated to "big pimp" himself for Trumps few birther followers. Is this what our legislators have been reduced to or is it just par for the political course?

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