Veronica Roberts

There is something deeply perverted about this. We all remember the Sesame Street lovable Muppets for their music is synonymous with childhood innocence. However, our U.S. government has used compositions of this children's favorite characters to reportedly torture prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. (Click on video above for more).

Composer/Creator Christopher Cerf was seen on CNN television Thursday morning expressing his revulsion at what he called the CIA's "perverting his music to serve evil."

U. S. interrogators tactics used on prisoners held on the socialist island of Cuba in the Caribbean, have come under fire, especially the infamous "water-boarding" which stirred up heavy controversy back in 2010.

But water-boarding was just 1 of 10 measures used, okayed by the Bush administration to get detainees held there to talk. Among the 10 interrogation methods was blasting loud music 24 hours a day non-stop. Included on that play list were Sesame Street songs.

Imagine "Elmo's World," Big Bird's, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie or Kermit's juxtapostioned in dark, dingy, prison quarters of terrorists, accused terrorists or just terrified men held on mere suspicions and nothing else--being tortured. The image is deeply troubling, to say the least.

According toThe Raw Story, other methods of interrogation were "sensory deprivation, physical torture and threats with power drills and guns." Mock burials and diaper wearing were 2 other forms of torture proposed but reportedly discarded and never used.

Read more of the Guantanamo torture documentary aired Wednesday on Al Jazeera.

What do you think of a children's popular program's music used to torture prisoners?