Maryann Tobin

The recall election of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is said to be a referendum on Tea Party politics and their union-busting policy. The election, where Walker will face Democrat Tom Barrett, is set for June 5th, 2012.

Efforts to influence the outcome of the electionin favor of Tea Party Republican Scott Walker, includes free food and other perks, compliments of the Koch Brothers’ Super Pac.

“Americans for Prosperity, a group founded by the Koch brothers, is advertising bus trips with free food for Illinois residents who commit to traveling to Wisconsin to help Walker,” according to the Republic Report.

However, some believe that the enormous amounts of private money flooding campaigns in a post-Citizens United world, is allowing Super Pac’s too much power to influence voters.

If Walker wins the recall against Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett, many believe the Republicans will see it as a sign to take the anti-union strategy nation-wide.

The Koch Brothers would benefit from weakening or eliminating unions in America, by lowering their costs to do business. Without union contracts that include benefits like health insurance and pensions, Koch Industries profits could rise dramatically.