Veronica Roberts

It's Friday, time to take a break from the seriously tragic to travel to the side of the seriously freaky. A transsexual in Tokyo, Japan reportedly auctioned of his post-op 'goodies' to the highest bidders for a chance to attend a bizarre dinner party.

According to the above video, artist Mao Sugiyama who was born male, froze his genitals after surgery to become a female, then took to Twitter in April to offer anyone interested an opportunity--for a prizy fee of $1000-- to taste his testicles and penis sautéed to perfection.

I told you it would get really weird. If you can repress the gagging factor to read further, go ahead, there is more.

Apparently he did not get the $1000 required but 5 brave diners with bizarre palettes paid $250 a piece to attend the public banquet. The genitals were allegedly garnished with Italian parsley and mushrooms.

Diners had to sign a waiver releasing Sugiyama of all liabilities--after all eating someone's sexual organs conjures a myriad of medical scenarios-apart from the serious gag factor of course. Oops, that could be interpreted several ways, I apologize but I think you know what I mean.

Sugiyma assured all who dined on his 'unique delicacy' not to worry for he was reportedly disease free.

Click on the video above for more on the bizarre dinner party.