Veronica Roberts

Oh Bill, Bill, Bill. Our former president of the infamous Oval Office "oral transgressions" and marijuana quote is making headlines again, though this time around I don't think he "inhaled" or "had sexual relations" with those women. But he sure posed with them.

Seen in the above photos, Clinton smilingly poses for the camera with a bevy of porn stars nestled up close and a tad personal. The pics were reportedly taken at his recent May 23 fun-raiser in Waterloo where almost all the guest were Hollywood stars and starlets, though some were of the shiny variety reserved for the XXX sex industry only.

The '"ladies" in the above video gazing radiantly into the camera while clutching unto the former popular president are stars in their own right, with one even being an award winner. The one on the right is reportedly Brooklyn Lee, The Adult Video Network (AVN) Best New Starlet who recently won the Best Sex Scene award for her film Mission Asspossible and the beaming beauty on the left isTasha Reign. Not to be outdone, Reign also has some stellar acting to her credit, known for her convincing moving roles in Baby Got Boobs and Farm Girls Gone Bad. How bad you ask? Really bad, or so I heard.

Critics and comedians alike are having a collective orgasmic take on this one for with a staunch family values president now in the White House, it has been a while since some juicy presidential scandal of a sexual nature has hit the airwaves to provide much needed material for our nightly line-up. Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel must be smiling from ear to ear.

Clinton is supposed to be helping the Democrats re-elect the incumbent Obama but at this rate, the leash might have to come out for this reformed "horny pooch." Did I just liken the former president of the free world to a hound dog? As our esteemed former vice presidential candidate from the cold corners of prestined Alaska would say--you betcha.

Just to clarify to the FBI , the CIA, Homeland Security, the Secret Service and any other "big brotha" organisation snooping--sorry, I mean patrolling the Internet to help keep us all safe-please, I was just joking, no need for probes. Come to think of it, "Victoria Secret Service" may not have time for little 'ole' me for they have their hands busy with their own Colombian sex scandal.