Veronica Roberts

Jacksonville, Florida--I have seen gun groups from Florida defending George Zimmerman's right to shoot unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. I have seen Second Amendment enthusiasts go on television and defend the Florida neighborhood watch volunteer's right to bear arms to defend himself.

A Texas Gun group called the National Association for Legal Gun Defense volunteered their legal services to help defend Zimmerman--offered monetary assistance as well. (read more here:

The defendant also had over $200,000 in his PayPal account from folks eager to donate to what they must see as a "worthy cause."

Another gun group has set up a website called where there are currently proudly announcing that they have raised $2016.12 to date for Zimmerman's defense and that they are happy he is safely out on bail. Zimmerman's own defense lawyer Mark O'Mara has set up another website GZLegalCase, where supporters of his client can go to donate or ask questions about the case.

The National Rifle Association (NRA), which defends all things remotely smelling of gun-powder, should be shouting from the rooftops in Marissa's defense. Where are all these staunch gun rights advocates for Marissa Alexander? All the Second Amendment defenders?

This mother of three, arrested immediately following the incident Aug. 1, 2010, in Jackonville, nine days after her premature baby was born, was sentenced to 20 long years in prison for discharging her legally owned gun into a wall to scare off her abusive husband. No one was killed or hurt. She has no criminal record. No danger to society, yet she is carted away for two decades.

What is really going on in Florida? More importantly, what is going on in our judicial system? To have laws on the books which seem to work well for a select group while punishing harshly another is suspect. To have laws that hurt unfairly rather than deliver justice, is deeply troubling. The 10-20-to life statutes send a woman to prison based on the mandatory sentence without the prosecution and judge stepping in to show mercy or exercise fair and good judgment.

This seems like a stunning abuse of power. Apparently, you have to kill someone for Florida's Stand Your Ground Law to work in your favor.

While Marissa was arrested immediately, Zimmerman is out on bail. A bail which was set lower than the amount he had hidden in his PayPal account. Judge Kenneth Lester has not done a thing about his non-disclosure to the court, and the second-degree murder defendant is free to travel from State to State.

The 28-year-old watchman was arrested in 2005 for assaulting a police officer. He had to go to anger management as stipulated by the court. One of is ex-girlfriends had accused him of abuse. During his hearing, the prosecutor said he smacked her with an open fist then asked her how it felt. This 28-year-old man with a criminal record, a man who shot and killed a 17-year-old with a single hollow-point bullet through the chest, a teenager whose only "weapons" were a bag of candy and an iced tea, is out on bail.

Marissa goes to jail for 20 years. Let's see what the outcome is for Zimmerman, who was arrested 45 days after he killed Trayvon. Arrested and charged because the crescendo of public outrage reached a fever pitched roar.

Special prosecutor Angela Corey, ironically the common denominator in both cases, said the State Attorney's office "doesn't respond to public pressure" but on the evidence and charged Zimmerman as such. So why did it take 45 days?

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