Veronica Roberts

[5.11.12 New York]--For this Mother's Day, if you are a mother, or if you have one, please join me in signing this petition calling on the City Council to pass the paid sick days bill.

This plea comes from the Working Families Party, who say over 1 million working moms in New York City have no paid sick days. This makes it especially difficult to juggle job and family, for sickness is an inevitable part of life. These mothers are oftentimes faced with the heart-rending choice of risking lossing their employment by staying home with a child who is ill or coming down with an ailment themselves.

A Bill to change all that is currently passing through the City Council for a vote and mothers everywhere would benefit hugely from having the peace of mind and job security this legislation will bring.

WFP wants you to sign the above petition if you feel strongly that mothers deserve paid sick leave. That if they stay home with their sick families, employers would not terminate them or dock their salaries.

In these trying economic times, millions of families are already struggling to stay afloat financially and this would be one less thing for them to worry about.

WFP wrote this in an email to me, "According to a study by the Kaiser Family Fund, half of moms miss work when their kids get sick. Of those, half lose pay. Especially in difficult times like these, we simply shouldn't be forcing working people to choose between their family's health and their job."

"Passing the paid sick days bill will make New York a healthier city and a fairer one, and we can't wait. Cities like San Francisco and Seattle have enacted paid sick days legislation. And most recently, Working Families won a paid sick days law in Connecticut. New York City can do it too."