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Jacksonville, Florida]--Marissa Alexander's sentencing is now set for May 11 in Jacksonville, Florida. The 31-year-old mother of 3 faces 20 years behind bars, convicted of 3 counts of aggravated assault without intent to harm.

On August 1, 2010, Marissa reportedly fired her legally owned gun at the ceiling to scare off her abusive husband who had abused her that day. Husband Rico Gray publicly admitted to abusing 4 out of his "5 baby mamas" and Marissa had a retraining order against him.

The court, privy to all this information, still proceeded with the case and a jury covicetd her in under 13 minutes. No one was killed or hurt and under Florida's Stand Your Ground law, she was not obligated to retreat as prosecution said she should have.

The conviction carries a mandatory 20 years and State Prosecutor Angela Corey, the same one in the George Zimmerman's case, did not drop the charges even when she had the power to do it.

Marissa was offered a plea deal where she would have been given shorter jail time in exchange for pleading guilty. She turned it down for she said she wasn't guitly of any crime. What she did was legal under Florida's law.

The NAACP and other advocacy groups are still fighting hard to free Marissa, who now sits in jail, her life in judge James Daniels' hands--the same judge who denied her plea for a new hearing last Friday.

If you think Marissa Alexander was treated unfairly by the Florida court system, click on any of the links below or call the telephone numbers to lend your voice in asking for leniency. Ask those with the power to hand down a just sentence under the law.

Presiding Judge James Daniel – 904-630-7154

Florida Governor Rick Scott850-488-7146

Special prosecutor Angela Corey's E-mail -

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