Veronica Roberts

Some parts of the world have already experienced the brilliance of the supermoon scheduled to bathe our part of the globe with its brightest glow around 11:34 P.M. Saturday May 5.

Check out the attached video for a thorough history lesson on supermoons from NASA's archives.

My friend in Sweden says she is currently being blinded by the brilliance of our lunar 'star' and it is nothing short of magnificent. Can't wait to get  a peak in my neck of the woods in theNortheast, though city lights tend to dim the natural light of stars and the moon. A rooftop or  parks are  the best ways to enjoy them in urban areas. The countryside or suburban areas are the best places to enjoy its true beauty.

There are many folklore and urban legends that accompany the rise of the full moon. Werewolves are the most common. In the Caribbean, Lajabless, Jumbies and Ligaroos are just some of the scaries that go bump iunder the moonlit night. Be very careful when you venture out tonight wherever you are--be very, very careful.

So my countdown has begun. It is now 9:38p.m., 2 hours to go till showtime. Tick, tock.......