Maryann Tobin

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has said on the campaign trail that he thinks America's safety net programs are just about all the poor really need.

"I'm not really concerned about the poor," Romney said. "We have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I'll fix it."

Mitt Romney has been charged by his critics as out of touch with working class voters, because of his substantial wealth. He has also made comments about his upper class advantages, which distance him even further from the middle class and the poor. Romney recently remarked to reporters that his wife drives two Cadillac's, and that he is adding a car elevator to his home renovation plans.

Romney economic plan may include eliminating HUD

So while Romney revels in the privileges of his wealth, he has also come out in favor of the Paul Ryan budget plan, which would drastically cut or eliminate many of the safety net programs for the poor currently in place.

The Ryan budget has come under attack from Catholic Bishops who have called the targeted budget cuts against the poor, "unjustified and wrong."

However, if there is one consistency with Mitt Romney it is that he believes in an everyone-for-themselves economic plan.

Romney supports cuts to financial help for students in Ryan budget

Romney recently told a group of college students concerned about getting government backed student loans to, "shop around" and ask their parents for money.