Caitlin Tadlock

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were photographed leaving Vancouver, Canada on Thursday, May 3rd. The two main stars from Twilight were in town for the week to work on a type of re-shoot for Breaking Dawn Part 2, the final installment of the The Twilight Saga.

This week was the final week Stewart and Pattinson played their famous roles of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. The pair started filming the first Twilight movie almost five years a go.

Stewart and Pattinson are clearly ready to move on from the vampire franchise and on to more grown up roles. Pattinson has signed on to the film Mission: Black List and Stewart will be in this summer's blockbuster Snow White and the Huntsman and the film adaptation of Jack Kerouac's On The Road with Tom Sturridge and Garrett Hedlund.

Breaking Dawn Part 2's director, Bill Condon commented on Facebook about the re-shoots last month, claiming that Stewart and Pattinson would, for one last time, reprise their roles of Bella and Edward, "Yes, Rob and Kristen will be there too, to pop in those gold contacts one last time..."

Both Pattinson and Stewart will be heading to the Cannes Film Festival in a few weeks as their movies go head to head with critics and audiences. Stewart will be premiering On The Road while Pattinson will be there to support Cosmopolis.

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