Veronica Roberts

[Update 4.28.12, Cartagena, Colombia]--The Secret Service sex scandal continues as new rules are proposed, the name of the agent at the heart of international incident is revealed and the main 'call-girl' hires representation to defend 'her honor.'

The name of the agent who set this seemingly non-stop scandalous ball rolling has been revealed. CNN television reported Saturday that 41-year-old Arthur Huntington, a married father of 2, is the agent who refused to pay escort Dania Suarez her full fee.

Huntington, who has since resigned, reportedly stayed in room 707 at the swanky Caribe hotel in Cartagena where the scandal erupted after he allegedly short-changed the prostitute.

The alleged escort, 24 year Suarez who is the single mother og a nine-year old boy, has now hired a lawyer. According to the CNN report, she claims she is not a prostitute and would like people and the media to stop referring to her as such.

What she is exactly and why the agent owed her $800 was not explained. Suarez is said to be highly embarrassed and her life turned upside down for her neighbors in the upscale community she lived in, did not know of her 'profession.' On top of that, the media is hounding her non-stop.

Meanwhile, new rules have been imposed for Secret Service agents moving forward. All agents are to conduct themselves as if they were on U.S. soil regardless of where they were abroad. They are now prohibited from drinking alcohol 10 hours prior to reporting for duty. They are also banned from inviting foreigners to their hotel rooms.

To date, 10 out of the 22 agents and military personnel involved in the sex for hire saga have either resigned or were forced out. Rumors of under-age girls being part of the 23 escorts hires also surfaced but no confirmation was given to substantiate this allegation.

An investigation is underway and the Republicans Senators and Congressmen are calling for even more extensive digging with a Hearing to see if other agencies and White House personnel were also involved. Democrats say there is no evidence to warrant a probe into White House staffers.

Politicizing this scandal is in fill swing with Conservative pundits ratcheting up the rhetoric, attaching the SS misconduct to President Obama's 'mismanagement' and 'incompetent leadership.'

Even former Vice-Presidential candidate and ex-Alaskan Governor turned reality star Sarah Palin, was giving her 'two-cents' on the saga, saying it "points to leadership" when these type of things happen.

Palin became indirectly embroiled in the scandal when one of the agents fired, 48-year-old Greg Stokes, took to Facebook and posted an off-colored comment under a photo of her he had taken while being part of her security detail during the 2008 presidential race.

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