Veronica Roberts

Update 4.23.12

Jacksonville, Florida---Marissa Alexander has to wait another week to learn her fate after her Monday sentencing was postponed until April 30.

The 31-year-old mother of three was convicted of 3 counts of aggravated assault without intent to harm for firing her gun at the ceiling of her home to scare her husband.

The incident, which happened Aug. 1, 2010, in Jacksonville, Fla., got her arrested even though no one was hurt. Marissa's version of events claimed she fired the gun at the ceiling to ward off her husband, who she alleged had abused her that day.

She said he had choked her and fearing for her life she had returned to the house after the garage where she had fled to suffered a mechanical failure and couldn't be opened.

Prior to this incident, Alexander had reportedly taken out a restraining order against her husband. The Jacksonville police and the State Attorney's office knew all this, yet the mother of three was still arrested, charged and convicted. Her conviction could land her behind bars for more than 20 years.

Prosecution proceeded with her case because they said she could have retreated and left through a back door or window if she was scared of her husband.

According to local FCN, Local NAACP Asked Judge James Daniel to Postpone Marissa's sentencing. Branch president Isaiah Rumlin, pleaded her case to judge Daniel in a letter on Friday, imploring him to also give her a new trial. They asked that Florida's Stand Your Ground law be applied to her case because she was simply trying to protect herself and the law stipulates that one need not retreat when doing so.

The prosecution has already rejected a Stand Your Ground defense brought by her lawyer before the trial. Many are drawing parallels between this case and that of Trayvon Martin.

They say Zimmerman was arrested 45 days after he killed the 17 year old and only after widespread public outrage. Stand Your Ground was used by the State Prosecutor Norm Wolfinger to prevent the Sanford police form charging the neighborhood watchman. yet Marissa, who didn't kill or hurt anyone was immediately arrested, charged and convicted.

Incidentally Special Prosecutor Angela Corey, who was appointed to take over the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case, also handled Marissa's.

Marissa reportedly fired a single shot at the ceiling while her husband and her two young step-sons were in the room.

He ex-husband Lincoln B. Alexander has set up a website to help fight to free her. The mother of three was arrested nine days after her pre-mature baby was born. That baby was still in the Intensive care unit when she was allegedly confronted by her angry husband.

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