Veronica Roberts

Life's Silly Spices

It's the weekend,time to take a load off the serious and sink into the silly. We are constantly bombarded by the stresses of life, topped off by an unhealthy heaping dose of the gloomy and the melancholy.

From our jobs and families to maybe charities and extracurricular activites, we are hard-pressed for downtime to exhale and relax. The wall-to-wall coverage of cable news featuring a non-stop collection of gore and tragedies adds to the hysteria.

So make time to be silly and have some lighted-hearted fun--you may be surprised how alive you become. (Now I am beginning to sound like Dr. Seuss!)

I remember a comment by a fellow writer under one of my articles. I think it was about the Secret Service sex scandal making the 24-hour daily loop among those of us in the media, and she wanted to know why we insist on covering the frivolous when there are so many other serious news happening around the country and beyond our borders.

I used to make such statements myself but thankfully, I have been cured by healthy doses of "silly medicine." Now I know what might be non-intellectual, too scandalous and scintillating to some, may be a much needed distraction for others. Sounds clichéd, but variety is indeed the spice of life.

Sometimes we have to put down the load of "serious" for a second and simply say : supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Now say that word one more time. Feel silly? Good, you have taken your first step to Silly certification.

How many of you know remember this word? It was the name of a song from the 1964 popular Disney movie "Mary Poppins." I am too young to have been around when it came out of course (wink, wink!) but where I grew up, we received movies a long time after release in the U.S.-- sort of like delayed time travel.

But when it did finally reach our beautiful Island shores, we use to compete repeating this tongue-twister really fast to see who would mess up first. We were too poor to own a television but we picked up the word somehow--maybe from radio programs. When Julie Andrews sang that song, I remember feeling so silly and deliriously happy as a young girl.

Children are experts at creating happiness by any means necessary. Have you observed toddlers interact? Their language sounds a bit supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-like, and they can entertain themsleves with very little for a very long time.

We need to recapture that: Live life with abandon and rediscover our "silliness." Start now, for becoming an expert at silly takes seriously hard work!

Want to know if all your hard labor paid off?You will know you have become or are an expert when:

1.You can laugh at yourself with ease.

2.When you can have a discussion about politics or religion with people who have different beliefs to you and not blow a gasket.

3. When you can leave the house in disarray while cleaning to have a pillow fight with your kids.

4. When you learn than forgiveness is easier to carry around than hate and resentment.

5. When you get more excited at flying a kite at Easter than your 10-year-old.

When you learn that laughter is like sunshine to the soul andm if you're a little vain like me, looks better on your face than a frown.

Add some more to the Silly expert list if you dare.