Veronica Roberts

I have heard of some cruel things before but for an educator to make her kindergartener do this is "beyond the pale."

Seen in the above video, parent Lisa Skidmore recounts the horror her little girl had to endure when her teacher at the Southwest school in Washburn, Mo., didn't let her go to the bathroom. Mom said her daughter had diarrhea and because the teacher wouldn't allow her to go use the restroom, she was forced to go in her pants.

The child couldn't help it and to make bad matters worse, this teacher wrapped a garbage bag around her and made that 6-year-old sit for 15 minutes in her poop to finish the test.

It was only then that she called Mrs. Skidmore to come get her daughter. Mom said it took her another 20 minutes to get to the school and by that time, faeces were running down her daughter's legs and out the back of her pants. It was a horrible mess, no pun intended.

The child's parents were both highly upset and as you can see, dad can hardly speak. He said if he had sent his child to school with poop in her pants, he would have been arrested for child abuse. Mom Lisa had this to say about her little girl's treatment, "you don't even treat a dog that way" and hoped that this incident would cause some serious change at her daughter's elementary school.

The superintendent Bob Walker said he wished the school had acted differently and regretted what happened. He promised positive change in the future.

The parents are not suing but mom said she "wouldn't want this to happen to another child."

What do you think: cruel and unusual punishment or teacher did the appropriate thing?