Veronica Roberts

Cartagena, Colombia---The president has finally weighed in on the embarrassing Secret Service international sex scandal.

He did not have much to say on the matter but did stress that an investigation was underway, which he expected to be "thorough and rigorous" and if all allegations turned out to be true, he "would be angry."

Speaking during a press conference on Sunday at the end of the Americas Summit in Colombia, President Obama added that the Secret Service were supposed to conduct themselves in accordance to a high standard of dignity and that the allegations reported "doesn't match up those standards."

Of course he was referring to the alleged rendezvous at the 5-star Caribe hotel in Cartagena involving 11 Secret Service agents, 5 military personnel and local prostitutes, now on everyone's lips.

This international incident is proving to be a huge embarrassment for the president and to make bad matters worse, he was standing next to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos when he was answering questions on his "wayward" agents. Ouch!

The GOP smells blood on this one and some are nudging the "H" word to the forefront. According to HuffPost, California Representative Darrell Issa hinted hearings when he reportedly brought it up on one of the Sunday shows. Spinning it into a political thing, he told CBS's "Face The Nation" that the American people ought to have confidence in "all of their workforce." Whatever that means.

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[Cartagena, Colombia]--President Obama is in Colombia for the sixth Summit of the Americas but that is not what people's tongues are wagging about. A Secret Service sex scandal is upstaging the historic visit where the president was supposed to focus on trade, energy and regional security.

According to CNN and every other news medium out there, five Secret Service agents who went ahead of the president's touching down in Colombia as part of the security detail, may have been involved with prostitutes.

This is in addition to the already 12 Secret Service agents who were reportedly relieved of their duties and shipped back to the U.S. for similar "misconduct" as White House Press Secretary Jay Carney phrased it Friday.

According to ABC News, the sex scandal involved a dispute over payment for one of the prostitutes and even the U.S. embassy had to get involved. Incidentally, prostitution is legal some parts of Colombia.What is even more shocking than the Secret Service engaging in some not so secret canal pleasures, is the amount of money that catapulted this under-cover affair into the embarrassing spotlight. $47 U.S. dollars. Yes, that is the paltry sum the agent reportedly tried to stiff the 'lady of the night' from after she allegedly rendered her services. What was the problem--was he that cheap or displeased with what he got that he had to cause an international nightmare for the President?

So it looks like instead of looking out for their "boss," these agents who are there to serve and protect at all costs, even with their lives if necessary, were looking out for themselves.

Carney assured reporters that this breech of conduct in no way affected the president's safety and that his security is in place as usual. He added that the military was conducting an investigation and that all future questions about the incident should be directed at them.

But this is not the first international scandal involving the "Presidents men." According to the Huffington Post Newsy, in November of 2011, there was the shooting death of a man outside a McDonald's in Hawaii by a Secret Service agent and the subsequent charge of second-degree murder. In another incident, in August an off-duty agent was arrested for drunk driving.