Veronica Roberts

One woman claims that other women hate her because she is so beautiful. 41-year-old British part time journalist/housewife, Samantha brick wrote an article for the Daily Mail in which she lamented the curse and perks of being so darn beautiful.

Speaking in the above video interview on ITV This Morning, she added she wasn't the only one who suffered this fate but all beautiful women are disliked by their not-so-attractive counterparts.She said the hate mail and tweets she received from women as a result of her article proved her point. (Click on the video to hear more).

Brick, who lives in the countryside in France with her children and husband, also said that men have given her lavish gifts over the years, Bartenders gave her free drinks and one man even came up to her on the street with flowers, just because of her beauty--which the rest of the ugly ducklings hated her for. She claimed this has affected her life in a negative way, even impacting her career. Hmmmm.

Ladies do we hate each other's beauty? I think there is some truth to the statement for in my younger, hotter, sexier, more ravishing days, I did get more than a couple glares. Seriously, we women can be catty and a tad jealous of each other but I am not so sure it applies in this particular case, do you?

So come weigh in: ladies do we hate each other for being beautiful?