Brittany Fleit

There are three dating affiliate sites this year at ad:tech bringing sexy back to affiliate advertising.

The first is Global Personals Media, founders of over a dozen dating websites, including,, and

“We want to provide a flirty, fun atmosphere for like-minded people to meet. We don’t want to censor anybody. Think of us as a dating site with no limitations. We provide freedom of expression so users can do a lot more than other dating sites will let them,” stated Blake Asbury of Fling in an interview with Allvoices.

Indeed, Fling houses live webcam and chat functionalities while also providing users the ability to post pictures of anything they want, whether coy or a bit more graphic. Its booth at ad:tech keeps that same anything-goes nature alive by featuring smiling, engaging models who reach out to nearby meanderers to increase interest in Fling’s business model. No surprise—it definitely works.

Asbury referred to Fling as Global Personals Media’s “1,000 pound gorilla,” hosting 45 million members from around the world. Fling’s standard audience is men and women between ages 21-45. Fling was founded in 2006, making it one of the first major online dating sites to establish their brand before the scene flooded with competitors.

The second booth is iBallers, an affiliate site for, and - another booth to showcase friendly models. While a newer site (established only 18 months ago), iBallers founders have been in affiliate marketing since 1986.

Asserts Fabian Citaro of iBallers, “We’re unique because we’re exclusive. We own the actual offers and operate all our sites. Plus, we put a lot of energy into making the customer experience high and doing everything we can to make the dating success rate high.” Indeed, the success rate for relationships is high, particularly with MillionaireDates, which proposes a more cut-and-dry arrangement between users, setting up wealthier users with those on the less affluent side. While the scheme might lose some of its romance, it provides each side with exactly what they are looking for: a successful business arrangement where one party receives genuine companionship and the other a more tangible product.

iBallers plans on attending the major upcoming marketing conventions, including Affiliate Summit and LeadsCon. Citaro ended the meeting by hinting that in the coming months, iBallers would be expanding its product into the smart TV arena.

The last booth, FriendFinder Networks, has 40+ websites in its grasp, including Penthouse,, and numerous demographic-specific sites such as, and FriendFinder has rooted out into every possible section of adult traffic, from innocent online soulmate searching to live webcams and fetish sites.

FriendFinder has presences in 187 countries, optimizing its site for 15 languages. It are one of the pioneers of affiliate dating, generating new business strategies and ideas long before other affiliate sites hit the market. Says Bryce Wagshul, “We’re one of the biggest in the industry. We launched nearly 20 years ago and today consider ourselves the ‘Google’ of online dating.”

FriendFinder came to ad:tech to solidify relationships with people it already does business with every day. “Almost everyone here works or has worked with us at one point,” confirms Wagshul. “I want to meet with clients face-to-face and ensure that relationship stays strong.”

Global Personals Media, iBallers, and FriendFinder Networks all boast real-time data and analytics. Each company came to ad:tech to acquire more traffic to their sites, inform the public of their services and expand business.

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