Brittany Fleit

In the Expo Hall, hundreds of companies are showcasing their best ideas. They each attempt to lure interested investors, clients and curious wanderers with a whole variety of goodies. Of course, ad:tech has its fair share of free-candy-and-pen gimmicks, but a few advertisers did what they do every day in their own industry: transforming their booths into complete entertainment venues. Here are a few companies that caught our attention with their eye-popping booth designs.

1. Our favorite might be the full-grown, bearded man dressed as a baby angel, with a lyre in one hand and a cigar in the other. He yells, waves and goes out of his way to entice you into his literal bed of clouds. He’s part of Central Desktop, a company that, simply, allows you to centralize your work in the cloud.

2. Next up for the most creative award is eZanga, who decorated their entire booth as a jungle, complete with plastic frogs and overgrown ferns. eZanga specializes in Meta search technology and online advertising, with a focus on ROI.

3. For a mad scientist vibe that screams Dr. Jekyll, Transcontinental Media created laboratory-style vials of cocktails for passersby to pose with and drink. Included were piña coladas, cosmopolitans and other bar favorites. Transcontinental Media are experts in printer, publisher and marketing solutions.

4. AccuData is a direct marketing leader, dispensing data resources, analytics and database marketing technology. They rolled out a full-length beer pong table. And flying pink pigs. (Of course, they were only stuffed animals, but that’s still pretty cool in our eyes.)

5. W4 had a lit-up, red curtain display, free trucker hats and a photobooth. They built the W4 Performance Ad Market, which distributes cost-per-action ad campaigns through a network of publishers.

6. Because no tech convention is complete without red-hot models, Global Personals Media (GPM) provided just that. Scantily clad in scarlet dresses, GPM models drew potential clients in to brag about GPM’s dozen online dating brands, including,, and

7. Clickbooth, a CPA and CPC affiliate network that provides partners with full-service management platforms, had a gigantic mascot who tried to dance with every unsuspecting soul who strolled by.

8. Didit had a gypsy idly predicting futures via tarot cards. Didit specializes in complete SEM solutions through bid management and message delivery.

9. Acxiom featured a magician who performed card tricks for a small audience. Acxiom helps businesses target their best customers and dispenses risk-management solutions.

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