Veronica Roberts

There is this video making the rounds on the Internet of Rick Santorum speaking about the president, his favorite topic. The sometimes frontrunner in the race to the Republican presidential nomination was once again lambasting Obama for being all kinds of evil when he back-peddled from a word he was about to use.

Many are saying that word was the racial Nigg** slur. Click the video above to judge for yourself. What do you think: did Santorum change the offensive N-word midway through or was he trying to say another word beginning with N? I have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt by wracking my brain to come up with what he was trying to say but I'm coming up empty. Maybe you can fit a word in that makes sense?

Speaking on March 27th in Janesville, Wisconsin, he said "We know the candidate Barack Obama, what he was like--anti-war, government nig-uh-- the uh America was a source of division around the world..."

On another note, what world is Santorum living in? You don't have to like the president but division around the world and America's abysmal reputation in our part in it, was the highest under Republican President George W. Bush. Someone threw a shoe at Bush, for God's sake. What could be more telling than that?

In fact, I think President Obama did a great deal towards fostering good will and improving the U.S. reputation around the globe. His foreign policy skills have turned out to be better than his domestic ones, in my opinion.

But I digress.

This is not the first time the ex-Senator from Pennsylvania has been accused of reportedly using racist or prejudicial rhetoric. While speaking to a group of supporters on the campaign trail late 2011, he was heard saying he didn't want to give "Black people" all the hard-working money of the other folks whose vote he is trying to get. He wanted them to go out and earn it. I guess only "Black" people get government assistence.

He later claimed to have said "Blah people," not "Black people." Blah people--who's that?