Veronica Roberts

Matt Drudge’s story is a fascinating one, for his earlier life was spent aimlessly wondering from one non-descript job to another until the winds of change blew his way in a chance encounter. Since then, the author, television/radio host and editor/creator of The Drudge Report, an online part gossip, part news website, has amassed a networth his daddy can now be proud of.

The 45 year old native of Tacoma, Washington, now lives in Los Angeles, California, where he moved to via New York City, looking for professional opportunities. At first, things didn’t work out the way he had hoped and even his father was worried about his seemingly adrift lifestyle. He was even arrested once and considered for psychiatric help. So dad bought him a computer in 1994 and the rest as they say, is Internet history.

A short stint at a CBS gift shop opened up the media world to him and after receiving the computer, his restlessness turned into an online venture. First sent out as emails, the part gossip/part news mail was parlayed into the existing Drudge Report.

The conservative website started out with a modest 1,000 email subscribers in 1995 and in two years increased to 85,000. The late Andrew Breitbart, notorious blogger for some controversial breaking stories, helped run the Drudge. They gained national attention for breaking the 1998 Monica Lewinsky/President Clinton oral transgression scandal.

Along with the claim to fame came the misses and in 2011, Drudge settled a copyright infringement lawsuit brought by Righthaven LLC of Las Vegas over some TSA pat-down photos.

Mathew Nathan Drudge also hosted radio show and television shows, plus penned a book called The Drudge Manifesto.

Who said social media doesn’t pay, for The Drudge’s estimated worth is over $10 million to date, pulling in $1.2 million annually.