Veronica Roberts

I was wondering when it would begin, for these things usually follow the same predictable pattern. It took some days but the reverse "spin" has started.

Trayvon Martin was first ignored by the media then coverage took traction when cries from outraged communities across America became roars.

First they showed younger pictures of the slain teen, somehow feeling the need to spin instead of report as accurately as possible. Nothing much was reported about shooter George Zimmerman the man, just bogeyman soundbites. Most were making it up as they went along, filling in the gaps for the Sanford police department had done an abysmal job of filling in the pieces.

17-year-old Trayvon had been shot and killed a month ago, on the night of Feb. 26, yet the triggerman has never been arrested or detained for detailed questioning.

Now the media has gotten tired of one spin and has latched on to another. Many are calling it "Zimmerman's side" but isn't that the only side that has been revealed? Trayvon is dead and there are no eyewitnesses. The closet thing there is to a witness is Trayvon's 16-year-old girlfriend, who was allegedly on the phone with him when he was being pursued by the neighborhood watchman.

Police have never interviewed this young woman. Zimmerman is supposedly in hiding but he now has a "friend" all over the media, talking up a storm. He is not an eyewitness; he was nowhere near the shooting, yet he is interviewed over and over like he was. Zimmerman's mouthpiece is Black, incidentally. Quite a nifty coincidence that his Black friend is out there singing his praises. Smell a defense set up?

Zimmerman's lawyer is also hard at work spinning his side. His client is supposedly now in therapy---suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He has allegedly been crying for days.

Let's peddle back a litte. Witnesses who ran out the night of the shooting told CNN that Zimmerman was straddling Trayvon's back as he lay on the ground. The witness said he did not appear to be helping the victim or distraught over the shooting.

The media is now showing older pictures of the 17-year-old Trayvon, giving so-called details they never gave before. Such as: The teen was on suspension from school, had behavioral problems, had marijuana in his backpack at school and did graffiti. The reverse spin is in full swing: Vilify the victim.

They are also showing pics of an older, smiling, pleasant looking Zimmerman. No more talk of him having a domestic abuse arrest against him. Or charges of assaulting a police officer, both showing he has an anger management problem, or at best, is aggressive. Or that he was a self-appointed neighborhood watchman with no training. They are now calling him Hispanic, not White, when before he was of mixed heritage.

The spin is in full effect. Who is the Svengali?

Trayvon has gone from a teen who was out that night buying candy to a hulking big brute with strength to match--so strong that Zimmerman feared for his life in the fight to the death that ensued when Trayvon supposedly pounced on him--so scared for his life that his only recourse against this hulk was to shoot him dead. He is now terribly broken up about the whole thing.

We have never seen the shooter, but that is what his "Black" friend is saying happened. Remember, he wasn't there so he is simply parroting what he said Zimmerman told him. He claims he doesn't know where his friend is at the moment but he knows all of these things anyway.

Let's say for argument sake Trayvon was the one who threw the first punch, shouldn't he have stood his ground? A strange man is following him around the neighborhood at night. I don't know about you but most men or males will try to defend themselves aggressively. Let's say he was a troubled kid who dabbled with marijuana. What difference does that make? Should he be shot like a pheasant on a hunt? He was a teen and teens get int trouble. I hope you don't think they deserve to be killed?

Again, who is the Svengali?