Caitlin Tadlock

The first teaser trailer from Breaking Dawn Part 2 was released on Tuesday, March 20th. The teaser doesn't show much but will get fans riled up for the November 16th release.

The teaser shows Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and a small glimpse of Kristen Stewart running in the forest as a newborn vampire. In the first Breaking Dawn, Stewart was turned by Pattinson, Edward Cullen, when he bit her and injected her with his venom after she gave birth to their daughter, Renesmee.

In the second part of Breaking Dawn the Cullen clan has to fight off the Volturi, the oldest vampires in existants, with the help of their vampire friends, the Denali clan and the wolf pack.

The clip shows Pattinson saying "We're the same temperature" to Stewart and Lautner talking about how much the same she is since becoming a vampire.

Fortunately for fans, a long clip from the movie was already leaked on YouTube before the teaser trailer. The clip shows Bella as a vampire, complete with blood red eyes and Pattinson in their new cottage they move into in the second film.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 is not released until November 16th, the full trailer for the movie will premiere on Monday, March 26th at 7 a.m. Fans thought that since Lionsgate bought Summit Entertainment that the Breaking Dawn trailer would premiere at The Hunger Games release on Friday at midnight.

The teaser trailer is attached under 'Videos'. The 3 minute clip from the movie is available on YouTube.