Maryann Tobin

Rep. Paul Ryan revealed his new budget plan today. However, it is not a lot different than his last budget plan, which went down in flames the minute the public realized that it was nothing more than a fancy way to phase out Medicare and hand out corporate tax breaks.

On Tuesday's "Morning Joe" on MSNBC, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) did a great job of avoiding talk of exactly how his budget plan would reduce the deficit, which is the alleged purpose of the plan. But when pushed by host Joe Scarborough, Ryan actually admitted that his plan increases the deficit due to concurrent tax rate reductions that give the greatest benefits to corporations and the wealthy.

Still Paul Ryan showed off his political speaking skills as he danced around explaining that at the heart of his budget is the elimination of Medicare. “Yes it changes it,” Ryan admitted.

The Ryan Plan would phase out Medicare as a guaranteed government healthcare program and turn it into a “subsidized” program that would force seniors into the private insurance company market.

The end result would inevitably make the transformed Medicare program so expensive, people forced into the arms of for-profit private insurance companies could end up with no health insurance at all.

Sending seniors and the disabled into the streets to look for their own ways to get health care is part of Ryan's core belief that the government should take on a survival of the fittest policy. This ideology comes right out of the Nazi Germany era author Ayn Rand, who Ryan publicly admitted last year was his inspiration for entering politics.

Starving the govt of revenue until it is essentially powerless to protect its own people is the goal of the current conservative movement.

Ryan said, “We're talking about $5.3 trillion in cuts over the next 10 years.” He also said that the “debt still goes up.”

The increase in the debt is caused by Ryan's proposed across the board tax cuts aimed primarily at corporations and high-income individuals.

Gene Sperling, economic advisor to President Obama called Ryan's Medicare phase out a “death spiral” for seniors, in an interview on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Tuesday.

In essence, the Ryan budget uses changes in the tax code to defund Medicare, while the loss of revenue still raises the federal deficit. In other words, there is no real debt reduction in Ryan's plan because Medicare savings are given away, mostly via additional corporate tax breaks.

The new Paul Ryan budget is essentially the same plan that was rejected by the public last year because it was nothing but another handout to corporations at the expense of Medicare.

If history repeats, voters should expect the usual scare tactics and fear mongering intended to hide the real impact of the new Ryan budget plan.

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