Maryann Tobin

If there was at least one thing the American public could count on, it was relief from the threat of a government shutdown once lawmakers struck a deal. Well, the GOP House lead by John Boehner is about to change all that.

Boehner told Fox Business that he was "open to reneging on the debt ceiling deal."

American's have come to expect politicians to lie. But for the Republicans to go back on a deal that was already done is a reprehensible offense.

"Republican leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives are ready to break a hard-fought budget deal with Democrats as they try to quell a revolt by conservatives who are insisting on deeper spending cuts ahead of the November elections,"Think Progress said.

There is no acceptable reason or excuse to prove their lack of credibility to the entire country, by now claiming that they refuse to honor the terms of the debt ceiling deal. It makes the Republicans who agreed to the deal completely untrustworthy and unfit to govern.

There is a lot at stake here apart from political posturing. At the heart of the Republican threat to break their deal is a plan to use yet another threat against the country's stability to cut Social Security and Medicare.

Furthermore, additional budget cuts now would likely cause the recovering economy to falter and throw more Americans out of work.

What more evidence do Americans need to prove that the Republican House is deliberately working to hurt the country, only to make President Obama look bad a month before the election?

This is sabotage at its worst and goes beyond the boundaries of electioneering and a broken promise on a deal. One Facebook comment said, "They wouldn't be republicans if they weren't always lying."

If the agreement of lawmakers means nothing, then America loses its creditability all over the world.

Why should a foreign country take the word of an American diplomat when its lawmakers lie to their own people?

If Democrats tried to pull off a stunt like backing out of a deal, the Republicans would be all over them, calling them a litany of derogatory slurs. Well the door swings both ways.

No matter which political party reneges on a done deal, they are guilty of being nothing more than liars.


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