Veronica Roberts

PETA and others are up in arms over billionaire Donald Trump's sons "thrill kill" on their African safari. The organization for the ethical treatment of animals is outraged that the Trump "juniors" were seen on video proudly displaying and posing with the animals they slaughtered for sporting fun.

"....they should take up bungee jumping or skydiving," PETA reportedly said, adding that taking down companies like those owned by Daddy Trump would be a better sport than shooting wild animals.

The Trump boys were not apologetic and took to Twitter to defend their side of the Zimbabwe hunting spree. They said they did the natives a favor--well they didn't say it quite like that, but saying the villagers were happy to get the slaughtered animals for food because they hadn't had any in a while is the same thing, isn't it? (Click on the video tab above to see the thrill kill trophies).

Maybe if the young men's goal was really to help the locals, they should have invested some of their millions in argricultural or other forms of economic growth, or given the safari money to the villagers? I'm sure that safari cost a "pretty penny," and I know the folks there need more than meat. Just saying.

So what do you think of the wealthy boys traveling all the way to Africa to kill for sport?