Veronica Roberts

The plot thickens on the millionaire soccer mom who lived a double life and ran a sex for sale service in New York. A recording of her first interview was released on ABC 7's "Good Morning America" on Friday.

Speaking from jail for the first time, the "Madame" said investigators were trying to break her to get her to talk but that she would rather "bite off her tongue before I tell them anything."

The alleged madame who ran a multimillion dollar brothel in New York City's Manhattan for 15 years, Anna Gristina, is being held at Rikers Island on an unusually high bond of $2 million because prosecution deemed her a flight risk.

Many are wondering how she managed to get away with it for 15 long years and what was overheard on a wiretap investigation may have been the tipping scale that brought her sex house of cards crashing down. Gristina was reportedly bragging that she had police protection.

This alleged sex ring is said to span far and wide, including undercover N.Y. cops, Wall Street big wigs and high-profile names hidden in this stay at home mom's "Little Black Book." Gristina allegedly amassed up to $10 million from her sex venture, for she took 40 percent of what her "ladies" made.

The 44-year-old married mom of four reportedly ran what is labelled the biggest sex-for-sale operation of the decade. She was arraigned in court Tuesday and wearing glasses she looked every bit the ordinary unassuming housewife -- unlike the sexy pic of she and hubby No. 3 Kelvin Korr posted on her Facebook page where the two were clearly dressed (or should I say undressed) for sex. Incidentally this was the Scottish born "madame's" third husband and ironically, her second hubby Dario Gristina was once arrested for doing what she sold--buying a hooker.

Hubby was not arrested in the sex sting but there is no way he didn't know what wife dearest was doing for 15 years, plus I'm sure he helped spend some of the milions. More on that end later. What about the Which leads into another question--what about her four children?

The brothel was located on East 78th Street in an affluent area-- a long way from the seedy side of town. Gristina reportedly catered to a sophisticated clientele of bankers and Wall Street types and provided Penthouse quality models. One "model" said she was paid up to $10,000 a night for her services. It was certainly a "high-end" establishment. All transactions were allegedly done is cash so there is no credit cardpaper trail.

The million dollar question now is who is in her Little Black Book and many inquiring minds, including the NYPD and the prosecution, are dying to find out.

Will bring you more as the sex saga continue to unfold, so check back for updates.