Veronica Roberts

The present day political discourse reflects a deeply divided, partisan government and media who are both hell-bent on corralling its citizens into falling in two straight rows behind party lines.

Both Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill are guilty of promoting the partisan rife for it scores political points in Washington and at the polls. Some pander shamelessly to their base while others truly believe the polarizing rhetoric they preach.

But the current onslaught on women's reproductive rights, shocking recommendation for our children's education, more proposed tax breaks for the wealthy and frenzied cries for more Middle East wars seem to emanate more from the Republican Party.

The final four on the campaign trail are certainly ratcheting up their stump speeches with Rick Santorum leading the pack in extreme ideology. Birth control is a sin and bad for America, sex outside of marriage, immoral; higher education is snobbery--the list goes on and on.

Ron Paul, the Libertarian who champions free will, individual civil liberties and less government interference in our lives, awkwardly danced away from an opportunity to speak his truth or rather what he used to profess was his truth--when confronted with the birth control issue. "Society's immorality causes us to want to use the pill" was his argument. Really.

Crowds cheer speeches peppered with this archaic rhetoric so at least a certain segment of our population subscribe to that narrow, impractical, ideology. Poor Mitt Romney tried to give an intelligent, practical response to the birth control question and he is seen as not Conservative enough.

So rational answers are now deemed too Liberal, not Conservative enough? What happened to the Republican party? Would President Abe Lincoln and even Ronald Reagan be allowed in this current group?

Speaking on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher" on Friday March 2, author John Heilemann had this to say, "...The Republican party is becoming, just truly becoming a whiter, more blue-collar, more populist, less well-educated party and more of a religious party..."

Bold, brave, hard-hitting and in your face analysis. Do you think he is speaking the brutal truth or do you vehemently disagree?

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