Veronica Roberts

We all refer to the iconic landmark as "Lady Liberty" and for one UK woman, steel, massive slabs of concrete and color do not matter.

27-year-old Amanda Whittaker, who hails from Leeds, reportedly claims she is madly in love with The Statue of Liberty, standing tall and majestic on Liberty Island in New York's Manhattan harbor.

"She is my long-distance love and I am blown away by how stunning she is," Whittaker allegedly gushes about her giant 151 feet, 2 inch tall inanimate love, reports The Sun.

Amanda, a shop assistant, fell head over heels for the Statue after seeing a picture of the beauty online. Since then, Whittaker has reportedly visited the U.S over 4 times to be close to her love, taking the Ferry out as millions of tourists do every year. She was ecstatic when she allegedly got to kiss th legendary Lady Liberty's robes.

She now has a six foot replica of the statue to substitute for the real deal between visits to the U.S.

Apparently this is not the first "inanimate lover" Ms. Whittaker has had for it was reported that she was smitten by a drum kit during her early school years.

"Lady Liberty," a gift from France for America's 1776 independence, has been standing guard since Oct. 28, 1886 and is especially symbolic to immigrants who come to America seeking freedom and justice.

Whittaker did pick a winner--if only she wasn't inanimate, and exceptionally tall and more than a century old!

But this shop assistant is not the only person in love with objects, a conditon referred to as "Objectum Sexuality." There are documentated cases of peole being in love with their cars, sex robots, dolls and numerous other strange items.

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